Fixed Rotary

Galvanized rotary clotheslines
Austral still manufactures a range of Fixed Rotary clothes lines.

Whether for commercial or residential use, the Fixed Rotary offers the strength and reliability associated with washing lines of yesteryear.

Austral also offers a Powdercoated Galvanized Rotary. The Elite is a 4m Deluxe Rotary powdercoated in Heritage Green. The Elite has all the traditional features of a galvanized rotary with a one piece Helical Column and plastic gear case.

The Super Rotary Hoist is built to last with Galvabond tubing, Galvanized wire and a Metal Gear Case.

The Deluxe Rotary Hoist uses the same Galvabond tubing and Galvanized wire as the Super Rotary Hoist but features a one piece Helical Column with plastic gear case.

For Removable Rotaries see our Fold Away Rotaries

You can trust Australian made
Austral’s Super Rotary Hoists are available in 3 sizes.
The Deluxe Rotary Hoists are available in 2 sizes.
The Elite is a Powdercoated Deluxe Rotary clothes line.
The Austral Rotaries are manufactured using sturdy Galvabond Steel and Galvanized wire to ensure strength and durability.
Ideal for virtually maintenance free situations.

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